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By placing a pre-order you are automatically agreeing to this policies. It is up to you as a customer to read the policies related to pre-order prior to completing your purchase.

By placing a pre-order you understand that there is a waiting period and you have agreed to this wait by completing your purchase. You will not be issued a refund because you feel the wait is too long. Wait is 6 - 12 weeks after pre order round closed

Check your fabric when its delivered - Each customer will have 7 days to inspect their fabric to insure quality is to their satisfaction. If you happen to find any flaws or have other concerns, we ask that you please contact me through website so we can resolve your issue. Any issue with your order that is addressed after the 7 days is not eligible for replacement or refunds. Any issues need to be addressed before washing, cutting, or altering the fabric in any way. No refunds or replacements will be given at any time after the fabric has been altered from its original condition.

Due to the nature of custom fabric printing, some flaws can be expected. Small flecks or spots may occur and are part of the printing process. Flaws smaller than half inch will not be refunded. Larger flaws will be considered for partial refund or replacements.

Please note that issues such as smudging or defects along the selvage do not constitute a flaw.

5" of the selvage is not considered a flaw.

Please be aware that slight fading of fabrics after washing is not a flaw and you will not be issued a refund for this. We cannot control how you choose to wash your fabric.

Fabric is cut by hand and might be +/- 1 inch.

If you have any questions regarding your pre-order please contact us before ordering.

Fabric bases to choose from:

Woven Cotton 150gsm

Cotton woven is known for its sturdy nature and high breathability, it is perfect material both for clothing and home decorating purposes. (non stretch)


Cotton knit/ Lycra 230gsm

Cotton Lycra Knit Fabric is 95% Cotton, 5%Spandex, jersey fabric is very breathable and stretches both length and width ways directions. It’s skin friendly, high stretchy, smooth and soft for baby clothes, T-shirt and legging.


French Terry 280gsm

Cotton French terry is 95% Cotton, 5%Spandex, a knit fabric similar to a jersey, with loops on one side and soft piles of yarn on the other. It’s skin friendly, high stretchy, smooth and soft for sweater, hoodies, baby clothes, shirt and sport pants.


Minky 230gsm

Minky fabric has a smooth, ultra-soft. It is super soft, warm, skin friendly, breathable, eco friendly, and soft for baby blankets, 
soft toys, bootees, clothes, bibs, seat coversheet.

Squish 300gsm

Squish Fabric ( Double Side Minky ) is 95% Polyester, 5%Spandex, a knit fabric is cuddly, and has luxury, the softest, and silkiest feel. It’s skin friendly, high stretchy, and soft for swaddles, baby blankets, dressing gowns and other cosy projects.


Swim 220gsm

Nylon swim fabric 90% Poly, 10%Spandex, a knit fabric similar to a jersey. It contains the characteristics of polyester non-wrinkle and nylon firmness with extreme stretch and is very durable and draws moisture away very quickly. It is skin friendly, high stretchy for athletic wear, dancewear, swimwear and workout clothes.


PUL fabric 160gsm

PUL is a laminated fabric. It’s breathable, eco friendly, waterproof, soft, food safe and soft for baby’s diaper ,bibs, raincoat , table cloth ect.



Vinyl 1mm thick, soft back

Vinyl, a polyester knitted backing laminated artificial leather. It is very durable, recommended for decorative purposes, soft furnishing, shoes, bags & craft making.

Thank you,

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